Get More... Pay Less...

The PEEP Network was created to make our members more money, while not requiring a huge investment to get involved.  We understand that there are other wedding and event associations out there...  We also know that there are wedding and event-specific marketing websites and vendors, but no other association can bring you the combination of networking (local and national), marketing (via both our public-facing directory and via marketing products we create for our premium members), benefits, reciprocal association memberships, and educational seminars and webinars that the PEEP Network provides.

See a description of our benefits below the chart, or click here to download a PDF version of our membership benefits.

Detailed Explanation of Member Benefits

1. PEEP Network Facebook Group Access - Free, Standard, and V.I.P. members of the PEEP Network receive membership in our private Facebook group, which will allow you to connect with wedding planners, photographers, bands, DJs, officiants, magicians, concert promoters, and other types of vendors that can help you grow your business.

2. WeddingWire Vendor Account Networking - If you have a business on WeddingWire, we'll add you to our member roster and connect with you on the wedding social media and marketing platform.  Connecting with PEEP in your associations contacts will give you and your business added reputation with brides and grooms.

3. Social Media Interaction - We will connect with you of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and tag or link you and your business in our blog and social media posts.  This simple but valuable action will provide you with more industry-related incoming links for SEO purposes and more traffic when our members check out your site to learn more about you.

4. PEEP Logo/Image Use License - Simply stated... we'll let our members use our logo and link to our site (or your business URL) from your site or on you marketing materials.

5. Quarterly PEEP Network Newsletters - We'll send you quarterly newsletters and regular offers and updates to keep you in the know about what's happening in the network.

6. Basic PEEP Network Party Directory Listing (Site Launch Anticipated December 2016) - Free members will receive a basic listing in our forthcoming party directory which will be targeted to those planning a wedding or party.

7. Annual Awards Eligibility - Standard and V.I.P. members and local PEEP Network chapters are all eligible for exclusive awards and public recognition.

8. Advanced PEEP Network Party Directory Listing (Site Launch Anticipated December 2016) - Standard members will receive a second-tier listing, just below the guaranteed top-tier members in their market.

9. Member-Only Equipment & Services Discounts - Our members have access to exclusive PEEP Network deals for business and industry-specific services and equipment.

10. PDF & Online Membership Certificate/ID Card - Our premium members receive a custom PDF membership ID card that they can access with their smart phone or tablet and show to participating vendors for discounts and specials.  It will also serve as their entry ticket to exclusive meetings, training sessions, and conventions.

11. Access to PEEP Network's Liability & Property Insurance - We've joined forces with industry leaders in the insurance market to be able to provide single-day and annual liability and property casualty insurance.  Available only to PEEP's Standard and V.I.P. members.

12. Discounted PEEP Network Marketing Items - Standard and V.I.P. members can obtain custom and State-exclusive marketing products to wow their clients.

13. Custom Online Profile and URL - Similar to #10, our premium members will receive their own custom URL (based on the member's name or business name) and also a public-facing profile page that they can update on the PEEP Party Directory.

14. Regional Group Marketing Campaigns - PEEP will fund or coordinate the purchase of regional advertising campaigns in major wedding and event publications, highlighting the advantages to working with a "PEEPER".  This cost-saving benefit will allow small companies gain large exposure by putting their name/image in front of regional clients.

15. Reciprocal Association Memberships - The PEEP Network is working with existing industry associations to offer free (or highly discounted) reciprocal memberships for premium members at the Standard and V.I.P. levels.

16. Conference & Convention Attendance Discounts - Standard and V.I.P. members receive discounts to PEEP and partner conferences and conventions.

17. Annual Website & Social Media Review - As a business owner in the V.I.P. membership, you will get an annual review of your online presence (ranking in various keyword searches, ratings on social media sites, number of followers or business likes) to create analytical data that can be reviewed for growth or decline year after year.

18. Live Education Webinars - Our V.I.P. members will receive a minimum of eight (8) educational webinars in business management, marketing, and trend analysis which are useful for all vendor categories.  Specific webinars and live interactive seminars will also be available in certain markets.  Eastern and Pacific, as well as day and evening webinars will allow a maximum number of participants.

19. Local Chapter, Web, and Regional Meet-Up Networking - Perhaps our best benefit... V.I.P. members will be able to meet with other local vendors and network their businesses to create awareness of their services and earn more referrals.  Any city or region with at least 10 PEEP members can begin a local chapter and start the foundation of increased professionalism and awareness in their market.

20. Guaranteed Top Placement on PEEP Network's Party Directory (Site Launch Anticipated December 2016) - V.I.P. members will be pinned to the top of lists in their vendor categories, ensuring potential clients see their profile pages first, elevating their website click-thru rate and ultimately bring increased SEO value.


Annual Bridal Focus Group Video - This 4-5 minute edited video features a panel of 3 (or more) brides reviewing your website and provided marketing materials.  The brides will speak candidly about their first impressions and overall site appearance and usability.   The video is sent via a password-protected link that the vendor can opt to share for educational purposes with others in the Network, or can opt to keep the review private, for their own use.  $100.00 One-Time or Annual Upgrade

Annual Secret Shopper Review - The PEEP Network Secret Shopper will unsuspectingly contact you just like any other potential client by either email or phone.  Your response rate (how quickly you first reply), your email language, grammar, spelling errors, tone of voice, and sales "pitch" will all be reviewed and critiqued.  You will receive a final "grade" for your contact and up to three follow up emails (or up to two phone calls).  $100.00 One-Time or Annual Upgrade