What's This Group All About?

The Performing Entertainers and Event Professionals (PEEP) Association (d/b/a "The PEEP Network") was founded by Jason Walsh, President and Founder of the United States Disc Jockey Association.  The Network reflects a natural evolution of a group dedicated to professional entertainers that has created thousands of industry contacts, and seeks to unite vendors associated with all types of events under the same umbrella, allowing each member to benefit from increased networking, education, hands-on training, mentor/outreach programs, and a variety of tangible resources an association like ours can offer.  

About Jason Walsh - In addition to 20+ years as a professional disc jockey and event planner, Jason holds a communications degree (B.S.) from the University of Baltimore and a law degree (J.D.) from the University of Baltimore School of Law.  An active advocate for professionalism in the event industry, Jason is a past President of the Baltimore Area Disc Jockey Association, and started the United States Disc Jockey Association in 2014 to gather the nation's top DJ professionals.  Once USDJA was established, phase two of his industry improvement strategy was to network with vendors in the event  to share leads, educate each other, set standards, and finally, once fully established, the PEEP Network will bring the same education and resources to potential wedding & event clients, member and non-member vendors, and broadcast and print media outlets.


Why Should I Join Another Networking Group?

We understand that PEEP is not the first, nor, the only networking group for wedding, event, and entertainment professionals - but we think we are unique in the services and benefits we can offer our members.  In addition to local and national meet-ups, we conduct educational webinars with respected industry speakers on a variety of business and sector-specific topics to help grow your business and make you aware of the latest trends within the industry.  We believe that we are the next generation of networking organization, one that is inclusive of all members willing to work hard and improve their businesses and the industry.  Finally, the investment we ask our members to make is nominal.  Members can check out our network for free (can't get lower than that) and become an active member at either the $49 or $199 level.  The benefits realized by joining the PEEP Network far outweigh this fee, and we believe you will recoup your expenses within the first local meeting or educational webinar you attend.


Contact Information

You can reach Jason Walsh (current PEEP President) at 443-242-4229 or jason@usdja.com with any questions related to your membership or partner/affiliation membership status.  Please no solicitations or cold calls - business opportunities and media requests can be conducted via email at the address above.  

PLEASE NOTE:  Please contact us if you have an urgent need for your member benefits, new members should expect a brief (~30 days) delay in receiving their member information or kits, as these are sent monthly to members but your benefits (such as insurance access) begin immediately upon sign-up